Yes The Real Estate Market Sucks… & Meanwhile Some Realtors Are Still Making Lots of Money… On This Page You Will Discover How You Can Turn Your Business Around Practically Overnight, How You Can Double Your Listings In 30 Days Or Less, & How You Can Take Advantage Of This Down Market... RIGHT NOW


If You’re Finally Ready To Say Goodbye To The Challenges Of This Market That Have Been Draining Your Bank Account, Hurting Your Business, Taking Away Your Free Time, Putting You In Debt, And Holding You Back From TRUE Success… This Will Be The Most Important Letter You Ever Read…


Dear Friend,

Yes it’s true the market sucks right now, and you may be freaked out, frustrated, and feeling helpless about it.

You may be thinking there is nothing you can do, and that all Realtors are feeling the same way you are...

We could probably both sit around and share sad stories about deals that “should have” closed…


I could tell you the truth…

…That it’s time to wake up and realize that you can turn this around and control your financial destiny!

If you want to get on the fast track, you can take advantage of the fastest growing opportunity in Real estate. But first, since all I hear from Realtors everyday is that the market sucks, here is my two cents…

Why Regular Listings SUCK

Homeowners that actually have equity left in their property are usually not willing to drop their price enough to compete with all the Short Sales & Foreclosures (REO’s) that are on the market…

To top it off, these homeowners actually expect you to spend your own $$$ and time to market these listings, even though they are priced way to high and will NEVER sell. (I don’t care how much you market a property, if it’s priced $50K-$100K more then similar properties it is not going to sell!)

Why REO Listings SUCK

Okay, the truth is, if you can actually get REO listings then they don’t suck, but have you ever actually got an REO listing?

If you’re like most agents, you’ve probably spent hours and hours of your time trying to register on all the REO web sites. You may even be paying some web sites monthly or yearly fees.

So… Let me ask you again, have you ever actually got an REO listing?

I know many Agents that have been registered and paying for REO sites for months and months… And still have not received 1 REO listing. The point is, if you don’t already have an established relationship as an REO agent that has already received and closed REO listings... Then it is going to be extremely difficult for you to break into the REO market.

The REO companies have so many Agents in their system that a new Agent trying to get in now has practically no shot of getting an REO listing. So where does that leave you?…

Since Short Sales & REO’s are pretty much the only properties that are selling right now, it’s obvious that the top Realtors over the next few years will be those that specialize in Short Sales & REO’s…

Since REO’s are extremely difficult to get unless you already have a long-standing relationship and have closed REO listings in the past, that pretty much leaves you with Short Sales… … Are you with me?

Short Sales & REO's are the only things selling, and it's very difficult to get REO's unless you have already got them in the past. So guess what?

If You Plan On Staying A Realtor And Not Being Homeless Next Year, You’d Better Get Good At Short Sales… FAST

Here we go again… I can already hear the whiney voice in your head… “But aren’t Short Sales tough, aren’t they a lot of work, wah, wah, wah…

Here is what I want you to do right now…

Take that whiney voice out of your head, put it in your hand, and throw it like a baseball as far as you can. After all, isn't this the same voice that hurt your business in the first place? The voice that is afraid to change, afraid to learn new things, afraid to take on new ventures. Keep listening to that voice and you may end up Bankrupt…

Why Some Realtors Are Going Bankrupt

Someone recently asked me what profession has had the biggest drop in income and has the most people in pre-foreclosure right now. And here is the really sad part…

The first thing that came to my mind was… …Realtor’s.

So why have so many Realtor’s seen such a huge drop in their income over the past 18 months?

You may not like the answer, but the truth is…

Most Realtor’s are unwilling to change with the market and step out of their comfort zone. You see…

Changes in the market present new opportunities, however…

If you’re not willing to step out of your comfort zone and do new things when the market changes, then how can you ever expect to get a different result?

On the flipside, look at the advantage you will have when you decide to become one of the few that step out of their comfort zone. Imagine how easy it is to dominate your local market when you are an expert in the fastest growing niche. Listen…

By knowing Short Sales and working the fastest growing niche in Real Estate, you can have your best year ever...

Would You Like A Plaque Like This One?

“30 Listings In 30 Days”

“I had just become a Real Estate agent when I began learning the techniques taught by “Winning with Short Sales”. I was getting into the market when many agents were dropping out and I was very nervous about how I was going to make it when so many others agents were not. What I learned through Winning with Short Sales and what has happened for me in the past year is truly amazing. I got 30 listings in 30 days and now have a team of negotiators as well as buyers agents that work under me. I expect to close 4 deals this month and I still have a full pipeline that keeps getting bigger and bigger."

Michelle Zamir – Las Vegas, NV

Why Some Realtors Are Afraid To Change

Let’s look at some common reasons why more Realtor’s have not already made the decision to become Short Sale experts, even though they know it’s the fastest growing opportunity in real estate.

Reason #1: It’s difficult to get a Short Sale closed

The Truth: It’s actually much more difficult today to sell a regular listing that has equity, than it is to get a Short Sale approved and sold. In this market the homeowners with equity are rarely willing to price their properties low enough to compete with all the Short Sales & Foreclosures on the market. This being the case, Short Sales tend to generate more activity, more offers, and more closings…

Reason #2: Short Sales are a lot of work

The Truth: With Short Sales, there is more paperwork that you need from the seller, and you do have to get approval from the lender. However, it is much easier to get new Short Sale listings as opposed to regular listings, and once you have a system in place you can get them closed very efficiently. You also don’t have to spend as much time or money marketing your Short Sale listings since they can usually be priced cheaper than a normal listing.

Reason #3: There is extra liability for Realtor’s doing Short Sales

The Truth: In the hundreds of Short Sales that I have overseen with my own team, as well as the hundreds of Short Sales that my students have been a part of, I have not once ever heard of a Realtor who had any liability fall on them as a result of taking on a Short Sale. The bottom line is if you know what you are doing, you will never have anything to worry about.

How I Learned The Hard Way…

Lets back up for a second, and let me introduce myself…

My name is Tim Thomas, and just like you, I have always wanted to be successful and financially free.

I was actually in such a rush to finish school and start making money that I overloaded on classes and graduated College 2 years early. Then…

After a couple years of working on the trading floors of 2 different wall-street firms, miserable because I was working 12 hour days and had a 2 hour commute to boot, I stumbled across the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. Less than a year later, I quit my job… And I’ve never gone back.

At the time I was about 22 years old and had managed to save $20K. With this$20K, over the next 18 months, I purchased 5 properties with a total positive cash flow of approximately $4K a month. Here is how I did it…

Every week, I drove 2 and a half hours from New York to Philadelphia. My first property was a 2 bedroom row home across the street from a crack house (seriously!). Guess how much I bought it for…

$13K cash! I then quickly put in $4K to fix up the property and was able to get it appraised for $40K. This allowed me to refinance and pull out $30K cash. Now I owned a property with a mortgage payment of only $200 a month, and I had it rented for $600. And the best part was…

I got back my $17K that I put into the property, as well as an additional $13K in my pocket, in less than 3 months!

I went on to do this same strategy 4 more times in about a year and a half, and I soon found another niche…

There was a nearby university that needed off campus housing for students, so I started renting my properties to college students for RIDICULOUS cash flow. I had properties with a mortgage payment of less than $500 a month, and I was renting a 4 bedroom house to 4 college students for $1,600 a month ($400 per room). That’s positive cash flow of over $1K a month!

After a couple years of buying, flipping, wholesaling, and renting positive cash flow properties, I realized that most of the country was at the peak of the real estate market, and about to start falling down.

My wife and I would frequently visit Las Vegas, as most of her family lives here. I started to follow the market in Vegas closely, and I saw the CRAZY speculation, aggressive lending, and INSANITY that was going on in the market. I knew the market was changing, so…

I Kept Thinking About How I Could Profit From A Down Market…

I quickly realized that because so many people were over-financed on their properties, that short sales would be the biggest and most important real estate strategy for years to come…

At that point I decided to go to every seminar, read every book, and do everything in my power to become a short sale specialist. I then took the leap, sold a couple of my properties in Philadelphia, and moved to sunny Las Vegas to do short sales and foreclosures full time (That was back in late 2005).

As I predicted, the Las Vegas market led the way down as the market started to crash. Since Vegas led the nationwide downturn, and since I was one of the first people doing short sales in Vegas, I learned a lot… And I learned it the hard way.

You see, the only short sale education out there was for those that were looking to negotiate short sales as an investor. I started out trying to negotiate several short sales as an investor, but I quickly discovered that what I learned from these investor short sale seminars was NOT going to work. Here is why…

As an investor, I was looking to purchase properties for 30% below market. I knew I wasn’t going to hold onto properties in a declining market, so I had to get them at enough of a discount where I could turn around and sell them for a profit right away. But here is the problem…

The Lenders Will Almost NEVER Approve A Short Sale Offer That Is 30% Below Market, That’s Why Investors Rarely Make It In The Short Sale Biz…

Think about it… Why would the lender accept such a low offer? Even if they had to foreclose on the property and sell it as an REO, they would still most likely lose only about 20%. Short sales are meant to be a way for a lender to cut their losses, not increase them. Look…

I’m all about education, but if you ever go to an investment seminar, and they tell you that you can buy short sales for 30% below market, do yourself a favor and walk out… … Actually, I take that back… RUN OUT!

When I realized I would never get the 30% discount I needed to buy and flip short sales as an investor, I quickly found out that as a Realtor, you can negotiate short sales without having any risk of trying to buy and flip, AND the lender pays you a great commission…

I quickly built a short sale team of Realtors and trained them on my marketing, on short sales, and how to negotiate with the lenders. You see, as a Realtor, you can list the property on the MLS and find a retail buyer, an actual homeowner who wants to live in the property and is happy with a 10% or 15% discount. Listen…

You can almost always get the lender to accept an offer that is 10% or even 15% below market. That is why Realtors (who know what they are doing), can have such a high success rate with short sales (while investors looking for huge discounts have such a low success rate).

Over The Past 2 And A Half Years I Have Overseen, Trained, And Managed My Own Team Of Realtors That Have Negotiated HUNDREDS Of Short Sales. I Have Dealt With Every Challenge That Could Possibly Arise From The First Contact With A Homeowner, All The Way Through The Close Of Escrow.

I have also spent about $100K over the past 2 and a half years figuring out what marketing doesn’t work in order to find out what *DOES WORK* when it comes to bringing in short sale listings… That is what I can share with you, if you choose... Look…

While me and my team were having our best year in real estate (which we will be beating this year), I kept hearing from so many other Realtors about how they were struggling and not making any money.

That is what inspired me to create Winning With Short Sales. I have since helped hundreds of Realtors turn their business around by taking advantage of the fastest growing niche in real estate.

I have even coached real estate investors, who didn’t know how to make it in a down market. I taught them this same short sale system, and they then went out and got their real estate license. Now these brand new Realtors are some of the top producers in their area… With NO prior experience.

Whether you are brand new to short sales, have some experience, or are already successfully closing short sales, I *GUARANTEE* that these strategies will increase your business…

Many Realtors that go through the program double or triple their business IN THE FIRST MONTH! And the best part is…

I offer you a complete, no-risk opportunity to see everything for FREE, if you choose.

The Secret To Building A Thriving Real Estate Business In Today’s Market…

Over the past couple of years, I’ve realized that most Realtors have confusion about what it REALLY takes to make it in this market.

When I realized this, it was a huge “Aha!” for me… And I was determined to create a step-by-step system that Realtors could use to make money TODAY… That will literally TURN YOUR BUSINESS AROUND OVERNIGHT…

And now… After years of learning the hard way and about $100K spent in marketing… I’m pleased to say I’ve FINALLY figured it out…

And now… I want to share my discoveries with YOU…

If you’re ready to take control of your business (and your life) and open yourself up to a new world of success and wealth… I have very exciting news for you…

I’ve just put the finishing touches on a brand new program designed to give you the skills and understanding you need to create a turn key short sale business that goes far beyond the basics… This program is 100% GUARANTEED to turn your business around, build your pipeline, put money in your pocket, and pay for itself many times over (or I insist you have your money back).


Introducing… “DOMINATE Your Short Sale Market How To Quickly Get Listings, Close Short Sales Fast, Earn Great Commissions, And Build A Thriving Business In This Market”

Unlike many other programs, this is NOT just theories or strategies that may or may not work… Not by a long shot…

The 14 audio cds that come with the program were recorded from a recent 2 month group coaching program that was limited to 15 people. Each participant paid $800 for this 2 month program. You will witness how real people (Realtors like you), go from short sale beginners with little or no short sale listings…

To short sale experts with more and more new short sale listings coming in every week. See how Taylor went from having 2 short sale listings that he started off all wrong… To less than 2 months later having 14 listings with 1 in escrow and offers on several others.

“I Now Have 14 Listings… I’ve also picked up two buyers off of sign calls”

I would recommend this to anyone that is in a slump of their business. I only had 2 listings at the end of January this year and at the end of February, I had 9 total listing, 7 of those short sales. At the end of March I now have 14 listings- 11 of those being short sales and I have two more short sale appointments this week. I've also picked up two buyers off of "sign" calls. Amazing program, great results.

Taylor Grant – Denver, CO


You will also hear how Matt, Mindy, Shawn, and several other agents start bringing in A LOT of new listings. Here is the best part…

You will learn the exact marketing secrets as I teach it to everyone on the group coaching calls. You will then get to hear EXACTLY what worked AND what didn’t work for each agent. This is not just some theory… someone telling you what should work. This is real life action and real life results.

You will see many of the different challenges that Short Sale agents commonly experience… And you will hear exactly how these Agents overcome these real life challenges. Check this out…

Over the 2 month group coaching program, all 6 of the calls were recorded…

We start off on week #1 where I show you the marketing secrets that have NEVER been taught in ANY real estate school. This marketing comes from about $100K spent in testing and perfecting ways to bring in short sale listings over the past 2 and a half years.

After week #1 (the first 2 CD’s) you will leave with about a dozen action steps that you can take IMMEDIATELY to start bringing in A LOT of new short sale listings…

You will then move on and listen to week #2 (the next 2 CD’s). This is where you will discover exactly how to turn the most difficult and indecisive prospect into a short sale listing. You will NOT be doing any listing presentations or begging for business… Instead, you will see how easy it is to have short sale candidates calling you, and by the end of your first phone call, they will be asking… “How do we get started”

As you move through week #’s 3,4,5 & 6, it gets really interesting. You will get to hear exactly what strategies have been paying off for the Agents on the calls, and exactly what challenges they have encountered. I continue to give you jaw dropping tips from fine tuning your marketing and getting more Short Sale candidates to call you… All the way through speeding up the negotiation process and closing the deal.

One of the reasons I created this program is because I wanted to give you insights and be honest about what it REALLY takes to make it as a short sale agent in this market.

We’re going to spend some critical time together learning how you can go from one step to the next, whether you’re new to short sales, or are already doing them and looking to step up and DOMINATE your local short sale market.

You’re going to learn AT LEAST a dozen different ways to EXPLODE your pipeline… Which is the key to creating and keeping a thriving business in this market…

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

            Here are a few more of the exciting things you will learn in this program:

  • The Secret Ad that commonly generates over 20 calls a week from short sale candidates that are MOTIVATED to list with you NOW

  • The CRAZIEST tip that can make you an additional $3K on your short sales IN ADDITION TO YOUR NORMAL COMMISSION

  • How to easily and confidently answer any question that a short sale candidate has… In a way that gets them to list with you… RIGHT ON THE SPOT (I even give you an easy to follow script)

  • How to bring in 2-3 new listings every week by discovering the easiest ways to find short sale candidates (learn from my experience and the close to $100K spent in marketing to figure out what does and does not work. I learned it the hard way so you don’t have to)

  • Uncover the secret marketing techniques used by top Real Estate Investors and Agents to get homeowners to call you! (so you never have to cold call again)

  • Actual letters, emails, and other marketing materials ready for you to send out to short sale candidates and start bringing in listings right away!

  • How to postpone a foreclosure auction and create a win-win situation by helping a homeowner avoid foreclosure, while at the same time making a great commission! (In one case, we actually had a homeowner come to us 2 days before her foreclosure auction. We quickly submitted the completed short sale packet to her lender. Then, using this technique, we got the lender to postpone her auction by 30 days. In the next 30 days we got an offer on the property that the bank accepted and the homeowner was able to avoid foreclosure. In addition to the big “thank you so much” she gave us, we also got a check for $7,440)!

  • How to generate tons of buyers and earn even more commissions by marketing your short sale listings (stop chasing buyers and get buyers to start calling you)!

  • How to create your own short sale team so that you continue to make commissions even when you are not working (residual / passive income)

  • How to get REO listings from short sales (I show you how to start working on getting the REO listing 2 weeks BEFORE the foreclosure auction)…

  • How to partner with Loan Officers to create a win-win and get short sale listings through your “Turn Your Trash Into Cash” campaign

  • The easiest, quickest, and most effective way to negotiate a short sale when you have a 1st and a 2nd mortgage with different lenders

  • How to follow up with a lender in the precise way that makes sure your file gets worked on… And you only spend the minimum amount of time needed to get it closed

  • How to organize your short sale files with a simple, easily to follow system… That makes sure you COVER YOUR A$$

  • EXACTLY when you should open escrow or start an attorney review on your short sale… (Here’s a hint… It’s NOT as soon as you get an offer)

  • The specific “Agent to Agent” remarks to put on your MLS listings. These remarks for your short sales will save you so much time and hassle by stopping the barrage of “dumb questions” from Realtors who have no clue about short sales

  • How to partner with investors and get them to hand you over the short sale leads they are getting from the marketing they are already doing. They are already spending the money on marketing… Now you will discover how you can use their marketing for your benefit… So you DON’T spend a penny of your own money

  • How to quickly grow your business for NO COST through specifically targeted referral campaigns (I give you everything you need for the campaign… All you do is change the name at the top and hit send!)

  • The #1 secret to cut the time it takes to close your short sales in half (Not knowing and using this technique may be the biggest mistake that most short sale agents make. It’s so simple, so effective, yet only a select group of agents are using it. This secret alone will save you countless hours of time)

  • How to easily convert FSBO’s and expired listings into short sale listings (Here’s a hint, most FSBO’s think they have no equity to pay a Realtor… That’s why they are trying to sell as a FSBO in the first place)

  • How to CORRECTLY submit and close ANY short sale (The right way, the fast way, the easy way)

  • Discover how to strategically price your short sales and make price adjustments, so that you generate offers and get FAST approvals (I show you exactly how to price your property and make price adjustments the way the banks want to see it!)

  • Dozens of additional shortcuts from your first phone call to the bank through the close of escrow (so you get more commissions, more often)


And that’s just a small taste of what’s in store for you…

In addition to the 14 CD audio program “DOMINATE Your Short Sale Market– How To Quickly Get Listings, Close Short Sales Fast, Earn Great Commissions, And Build A Thriving Business In This Market” Valued at $797…

You’ll also get…



“The Ultimate Short Sale Guidebook” is a step-by-step system for owning and operating your own short sale business. You can literally drop this guidebook in front of someone who has never negotiated a short sale, and if they follow it step-by-step, they will get the short sale approved FAST and EASY. (I wish I had this when I started).

This 150 page binder includes everything from step-by-step instructions on how to negotiate with a lender, to organizing your short sale files, and much, much more…

But that’s not all…

In addition to the 14 CD audio program “DOMINATE Your Short Sale Market” (Worth At Least $797)


The World Famous “Ultimate Short Sale Guidebook” (Worth At Least $397)

You’ll also get…

Bonus #1: All of the Short Sale Letters and Marketing Materials… Copy the exact letters that have been proven successful when sent to the targeted mailings discussed in the program. Also get email flyers that you can send to loan officers and other agents to get tons of listings. Worth At Least $197

Bonus #2: All of the Short Sale Scripts… The exact scripts for you to use to turn short sale candidates into short sale listings. These scripts have been tested and perfected using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to maximize your conversion rates. Worth At Least $197

Bonus #3: All of the Short Sale Forms… All of the forms and disclosures you could ever need to complete a successful short sale. Save time by sending in your own completed short sale packet instead of waiting for the bank to send you their forms. Worth At Least $97

Total Worth of the “DOMINATE Your Short Sale Market” Package… At Least $1,685

Here is a recap…



“DOMINATE Your Short Sale Market – How To Quickly Get Listings, Close Short Sales Fast, Earn Great Commissions, And Build A Thriving Business In This Market14 Audio CD’s of real Realtors getting real results. Worth At Least
The Ultimate Short Sale Guidebook: A Step By Step Manual For Owning And Operating Your Own Short Sale Business – A Turn Key System For Real Estate Professionals. Worth At Least
Bonus #1: Short Sale Letters and Marketing Materials – Copy the exact letters that have been proven successful when sent to the targeted mailings discussed in the program. Also get email flyers that you can send to loan officers and other agents to get tons of listings. Worth At Least
Bonus #2: Short Sale Scripts – Exact scripts for you to use to get short sale candidates. These scripts have been tested and perfected to maximize your conversion rates. Worth At Least
Bonus #3: Short Sale Forms – All of the forms and disclosures you could ever need to complete a successful short sale. Save time by sending in your own completed short sale packet instead of waiting for the bank to send you their forms. Worth At Least
Bonus #4: Nationwide Lender Loss Mitigation Contact List My own personal contact list which consists of the direct phone and fax numbers of just about every lender in the country! Worth At Least $197
Total Worth of the “DOMINATE Your Short Sale Market” Package…   At Least                     


This Program Is NOT For You If…

  • You like to sit around, do nothing, and complain about the market.

  • You are someone that gives up easily and gets discouraged every time you have to learn something new.

  • You are someone that thinks they know it all and you don’t value new education.

  • You are already closing 4-5 deals every month (Hey, if you’re doing that well, you may not need to learn anything new).

This Program Is For You If…

  • You are sick and tired of not making money, being in debt, and living paycheck to paycheck.

  • You are ready to change with the market and start producing… NOW!

  • You enjoy learning and growing yourself as a person.

  • You like to help people and create a win-win by making great commissions while helping homeowners in need.

  • You are ready to discover the proven marketing strategies that get homeowners to call you (So you don’t have to chase after unmotivated clients ever again).

  • You are ready to start taking full responsibility for your results, and you are ready to do what it takes to turn things around… NOW.

3 Options To Choose From

Option #1: You can decide you are not willing to change with the market and take new actions. You can keep doing the same things you have been doing over the past few years. If you choose this option, my guess is you will probably have a second job, be in a totally new profession, or be Bankrupt within the next 18 months… I know it sounds harsh, but it’s probably the truth…

Option #2: You decide you must change with the market and you will learn it on your own. This is what I did. It has paid off but unfortunately I had to learn everything the hard way. This means spending extra money and time to figure out what doesn’t work before finally figuring out what does work. This can cost you a lot of time, money, and closings.

Option #3: You decide you must change with the market and you will do it the easy way. The easy way, of course, is following the path of someone who already did it the hard way so you don’t have to...

Imagine having a real estate business that is booming because you actually studied the trends and changed with the market. Can you see yourself leading an entire team that is generating more listings and closings then you did when the market was going up?

If you doubt this is possible then the first thing to look at is your mindset (The little voice you were supposed to throw away earlier). Henry Ford said it best, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”…

If you know you have it in you to do better than what you are doing right now, all it takes is a little change...When you change with the market and lead the trend... amazing this are possible.


What do you think?

Everything I’ve just described is included in this amazing package.

This is the package you want… if you’re finally serious about learning the marketing and negotiating secrets of the BEST Realtors out there.

The total value for this ENORMOUS package of goodies is an incredible $1,685.

It’s worth it, too. (Remember, if you only closed 1 deal from the information you learn, then it would pay back your entire investment, AND… likely give you a 300% return on investment on top of it…. Just 1 deal!)

But That’s Not YOUR Price…

Not even close.

If you aren’t already specializing in short sales and foreclosures, times have probably been a little “tough” for you lately. So…

I have decided to offer you a special “Throw A Realtor A Bone” deal that should really set your motivation level on fire.

But before I even mention a price… Let’s make you understand how EASY this decision really is.


I Will Shoulder ALL The Risk Here

If… After checking everything out for 90 Days… You are unhappy with the material I ship you – for ANY reason at all – then I INSIST you return it.

And your purchase price will be promptly refunded.

That’s A…

90 - Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee...
No Questions Asked

That Means… You essentially get to see and try out everything for FREE, if you choose.

And yes, it’s definitely a financial gamble for me to do this.

However, this package is the real thing. I have poured everything I know about Short Sales and Foreclosures, including all of the marketing, tips, and tricks (And everything I know about Real Estate & Real Estate Investing) into it… And I have PROVEN results and the testimonials to prove it.

My reputation is nationwide, so I have to fulfill on every promise… That means I have considered everything very carefully before offering it to you.

In my years of teaching, I have run into only a few people who decided to return my materials for a refund. Because, again, this truly is the real thing here.

The choice is yours.

Check everything out, to your heart’s content.

Treat the package as your own, and dig in.

See what kind of results you get.

And if you’re not happy, simply return the package for a fast, prompt refund.

It’s that simple.

No questions asked. You do NOT need to give me a reason for the return. I will trust you to do the right thing, as I have trusted people over my entire career.


Your Price For This Industry Leading, “Insider” Short Sale Program For Realtors Is Almost Embarrassingly Reasonable

In fact, I often have to explain WHY I offer so much, for so little.

And the answer is easy: When I started in Real Estate, nothing even remotely like this was available. I would have given anything for this kind of advice and proven tactics… Because it would have short-cut my learning curve by years and saved me thousands of dollars.

Instead, I had to go through years of trial and error, making every mistake possible, and learning my lessons painfully.

Learning things the hard way has, however, made me a VERY good teacher. Because I know how things REALLY get done in this market. You see…

I never got the help I needed when I was starting in short sales, and I KNOW how important a little mentoring can be… I am now very happy to be that mentor to others.

And that’s why this material is so ridiculously reasonable.

You will EASILY make your entire investment back the FIRST TIME you put almost any of this stuff to work for you. Think about it…

If you closed 5 deals from what you learn, at an average commission of $9K per deal, that’s an extra $45K in your pocket. Not to mention the fact that you would be making more than a 1,000% Return on your investment.

Jeez… I mean… Millions of people invest in the stock market every year hoping to get a 10% return on their money… And if the stock goes down, they can’t get their money back…

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“DOMINATE Your Short Sale Market – How To Quickly Get Listings, Close Short Sales Fast, Earn Great Commissions, And Build A Thriving Business In This Market14 Audio CD’s of real Realtors getting real results. Worth At Least
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Bonus #3: Short Sale Forms – All of the forms and disclosures you could ever need to complete a successful short sale. Save time by sending in your own completed short sale packet instead of waiting for the bank to send you their forms. Worth At Least
Bonus #4: Nationwide Lender Loss Mitigation Contact List My own personal contact list which consists of the direct phone and fax numbers of just about every lender in the country! Worth At Least $197
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Read What Others Have To Say…


“18 New Deals In The Pipeline In The First Month – I Had To Stop My Marketing Just To Catch Up… You’ve Saved My Career!”

Anyone who wants to be ahead of the game in this market should take this course. This is one decision I will NEVER regret! Before the course, I only had 2 short sale listings that I didn't know what to do with and they just sat there with no action. Within a month of beginning this course, I had 11 short sale listings and 7 buyers of my own that were generated just from the listings! I followed Tim's recommendations on marketing and added one of my own and the floodgate opened! I was so overwhelmed with business that I stopped marketing just to catch up but now that I am...I'm ready to begin my marketing campaign again and my goal is to have another 15 listings. My goal is to be working 30 listings at any one time and using Tim's organization method, it is so doable. Thank you Tim! You've saved my career!

Geny Marie – Castro Valley, CA

“6 Listings In The First 3 Weeks… And More Importantly… I Am Getting These Short Sales Closed”

Within the first 3 weeks of joining the coaching program I took 6 short sale listings. And more importantly by using the training and techniques taught by the " Winning with Short Sales programs" I am getting these short sales closed. For every question I had I always got a real answer. The information and systems provided in the program are one of the many few that will actually generate large amounts of income in today’s real estate market.

Matthew Cannon – San Diego, CA

“I learned strategies and techniques that were never even mentioned in all the other real estate trainings I went to. I more than tripled my business in less than 30 days”

When I first started in Real Estate I went through Coldwell Banker’s 3 month training program. They taught me about creating business by Calling FSBO's, calling expired listings, calling renters, calling my sphere of influence and asking them for referrals. I went to all the classes and studied all the scripts but I simply wasn’t getting the results they promised, and neither were any of my piers. I started to get frustrated because I wasn't closing any deals and wasn't making any money. I started hearing more and more about short sales, so I decided to check out what "Winning With Short Sales" had to offer. I learned strategies and techniques that were never even mentioned in all the other real estate trainings I went to. I more than tripled my business in less than 30 days. Thanks to Winning with Short Sales" my business and life will never be the same. Now I work with a team that specializes in Short Sales and I am bringing in an average of 2 new listings every week. In addition I am working with almost a dozen buyers that called off my signs in the yard and other marketing from my listings. I feel great. My business is booming and clients are coming to me instead of me chasing them around. I feel more confident in my business than ever before and I have a real sense of pride that I am able to help homeowners and at the same time make great commissions.

Isaac Ofier – Las Vegas, NV

“I Have 11 Short Sale Listings… I Feel Totally Organized Due To The Systems”

Eight months ago I told myself I would never take a Short Sale listing. I wanted to stay as far away from Short Sales as possible. In mid-December when I got an email from "Winning with Short Sales", offering a 60-minute teleconference class, I felt I had nothing to lose and hopefully something to gain especially knowing the market was moving rapidly towards Short Sales and Bank Owned properties. Once on the call, my eyes began to open and my understanding broadened. Tim Thomas spoke with such passion and zeal as he shared the Short Sale process step-by-step. I signed up for the 6-week program and have never looked back. Today I have 11 Short Sale listings, 1 has closed, and 2 are in Escrow and I have offers on 6 others. I feel totally organized due to the systems "Winning with Short Sales" has provided. I highly recommend this program! Short Sales are not going to disappear in the near future so take hold of this tremendous training and support and take you business to the next level.

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